About Us

About CMSR Foundation

CMSR Foundation has been established to harness the power of information, education and communications to achieve desired social change. Based on strong research footing, our initiatives and campaigns are aimed towards creating viable and accessible platforms to directly engage people, groups and communities across the country and beyond in positive social action.

Our projects enable fruitful dialogue among community leaders, civil society members and hard-to-reach populations particularly in rural India. The foundation aggressively initiates, promotes and supports projects that aim towards inducing positive behavioral and social change by engaging key stakeholders, establishing conducive environment and disseminating appropriate and constructive information. It proactively works to stimulate informed decision making, and empower the marginalised and weaker sections through the medium of education and training.

The foundation believes in nurturing the traditional wisdom of communities but at the same time supports innovations in the field of communications and learning to provide a higher quality of life.

CMSR Foundation is a registered body under the Indian Trust Act and is the not-for-profit wing of CMSR Consultants, a New Delhi based communication and research think tank. Established in 2011, CMSR Consultants is a multi-disciplinary consultancy organisation specialising in Research, Surveys, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communications and Outreach activities.